Christ has conquered Death!

Good morning internet, it is Great and Holy Saturday. Here’s a cute video of Dorothy as a Myrrh Bearing Woman. That was a beautiful service but they have all been wonderful this week. On Sunday night Ariel went to the Bridegroom service by herself which was wonderful for her and then on Monday morning I went to a Pre-sanctified Liturgy in the morning.

Monday night Daniel LeBoeuf came over and helped me change the oil, fuel filter and  and break fluid in my ‘new’ Volkswagen Rabbit.

Tuesday and Wednesday morning Dorothy came with me to the liturgies and then Wednesday night was unction. Thursday night there were 12 Gospel readings and we hung Christ on the Cross. Dorothy was very present, it’s always great to see her heart moving at Church. Last night we took Christ down from the cross and buried him in the tomb and had the lamentation service, one of the Lamentations verses is about the myrrh bearing women coming to the tomb and all the little girls in our parish dress up and sprinkle flowers around the nave.

This morning I am on the only one up, the service starts at 10am and it’s probably my  favorite service all year long. The bells are ringing, Father David is throwing bay leaves everywhere, the candles and cloths all around the church are being turned from dark to light and Christ is conquering hell.