Did Blizzard Just Tease The Next Overwatch Hero?
  • Today Blizzard posted a mock interview with boosting service overwatch , and we expect it may very well be tied to the origins for a new hero. Robot War : In an event that will later be called the Omnic Crisis, robots made by humanity turned in opposition to it, causing Overwatch to be shaped so as to struggle them and put an end to it. However, it was a very long time up to now, and man and omnic at the moment are starting to integrate. Sound Quake - season 3 overwatch rewards by Timmy within the first cinematic trailer as using chest missiles, Sound Quake was a villain earlier in the sport's storyline, combating against the original Overwatch staff.
    The third is, at least in keeping with the World of Overwatch panel from BlizzCon 2

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